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Our Story

Mia and Dan Loon

Wichita, KS

 life partners,  best friends,  cyclist,  passion for woodwork outdoorsy,  parents, imperfect, believes in grace & loved by God

Who we are:

The foundation and core of our existence is grounded in relationships.  The closeness of our family and the connections with friends brings meaning to our lives. We want to provide a setting for people to develop deeper connections with those in their lives.  We believe a table can be a place where real conversation, laughter and tears happen.  A charcuterie board can be a natural place of connection.  Good food and good people brought together in a comfortable relaxed environment.

As a family, our favorite vacation places have centered around lakes, mountains, and beaches.  Moments in nature are a way to stop time and just appreciate the beauty that is in front of us.  We have always viewed nature as a unique blend of the simple and the sophisticated.  The natural hardwood we use in our products exemplifies these two qualities seen in each slab's wood design.

Most our wood is locally sourced.  Native to Kansas, the black walnut tree is selected as our primary source for wood because of its quality.  We are grateful that nature gives us this gift for each table.  As a business, we would like to give back; we pledge to donate a portion of each sale to help Clean Water projects around the world.  As a family, we have contributed to several water wells in Malawi, Africa.  It energizes us to give back to others in this natural and real way.  This brings us a great deal of joy to give back to others in this natural and real way. 

How we started:

Our business started with a simple request between a son and his dad to make a hand-made table as a wedding gift.  A table that would serve as the centerpiece of a small one-bedroom city apartment in Denver, CO.  It budded a love for quality craftsmanship of raw wood and original wood furniture.   It has inspired our family to create live edge tables and charcuterie boards that reflect the warmth and depth of these types of relationships.

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